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situated at or directed toward the front; opposite of posterior.


(an-tī'kŭs), Avoid the mispronunciation ant'icus.
A term previously used in anatomic nomenclature to designate a muscle or other structure that of all similar structures is nearest to the front or ventral surface.
[L. in the very front, fr. ante, before]
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Looking back at the Byzantine-Avar conflicts, we observe that the use of the title Anticus by Justin II in 570 and 571 coincides with the Avars' attack in Thrace in 570 and the victory of the Byzantines (36), while under Tiberius with the fall of Sirmium in 58237.
A crucial issue for the answer is the significance of Anticus in the entitlement of Emperor Heraclius in 612 (43), as rightly addressed by G.
The last mention of the title Anticus at the beginning of Heraclius' reign is probably connected with the collapse of the Scythian limes (the last section of the entire limes of the Lower Danube) and the dissolution of the hegemony of the western Antes, centered likely around the ancient city of Turris.
Imperator Caesar Flavius Iustinianus Alamannicus Gothicus Francicus Germanicus Anticus Alanicus Vandalicus Africanus pius felix inclitus victor ac triumphator semper Augustus cupidae legum iuventuti.
Caesar Flavius Justinus, fidelis in Christo, mansuetus, maximus benefactor, Alamannicus, Gotthicus, Francicus, Germanicus, Anticus, Vandalicus, Africanus, pius, felix, inclytus, victor ac triumphator, semper Augustus, Theodoro".
Tiberius Mauritius felicissimus Caesar Alemannicus Gothicus Francicus Germanicus Anticus Alanicus Vandalicus Africanus pius felix inclytus victor ac triumphator semper Aug.