Denoting a substance possessing the power to diminish or abolish the action of a complement.
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Many active ingredients from TCM have been proved to possess widespread anticomplementary effect [37].
Anticomplementary Activity through the Classical Pathway.
RS-3-1, BZ-3-1, FL-3-1, and GC-3-1 were further chosen for the macrophage immunological study, as they showed better anticomplementary activities and their yields were abundant.
po GmbH, Germany IB+++: Immunoblot ACASSSS: anticomplementary activity - Not Applicable CIDC++: CFT antigen from Central Veterinary A, S, H, T, ND: Arabian, Suffolk, Hybrid, Institute of Wageningen UR, The Netherlands Thorough-breed, Non-descript number of false-positive results.
2, the crude polysaccharides expressed a higher anti-complementary activity (C[P.sub.50]: 0.209 [+or-] 0.03mg/ml) than the hot-water extract and the EtOH extract didn't have anticomplementary activity.
Relationship between chemical structure and anticomplementary activity of plant polysaccharides.
Anticomplementary activities of a mixture of BAs were also described by Kapil and Moza (1991).
Analytic study on the differential anticomplementary effects of dextran sulphate and heparin in the assay for the mouse alternative pathway.
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Besides, the extracts that showed moderate inhibitory activity of complement system (anticomplementary effect) on CP were: DME, ME and AE of P.