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The installation of the cement industry at Kaha-Harand section (on the eastern limb of Mari anticline, just close to Harand) will be an accelerated innovation for the sustainable development of the areas, provinces and Pakistan.
The Mt Ida South project geology is dominated by the folded mafic and ultramafic sequence within the fold nose of the Kurrajong anticline between the Mt Ida Shear (west) and the Ballard Shear to the east.
The presence of water gaps (WaGs) and active drainage network indicate lateral growth and propagation directions of the ZP and SS frontal anticlines following the Paleocene Epoch.
The research indicates that the axis of the anticline, which has a wing angle greater than 45 degrees, and the turning position form tectonic stress concentration and accumulate a great deal of elastic energy.
The pressure derivatives of the two cases from flat and anticline models are the same.
Many subordinate traps are formed by the antithetic faults affecting the roll-over anticline.
The team was active on both sides of the Nesson Anticline, ultimately drilling more than 200 horizontal wells.
Abstract: The present study shows the bulk mineralogical composition of the Bara Formation from Lakhra anticline, near to Lakhra coalfield area of the Sindh province of Pakistan.
Birsa, a producing oilfield for the same JV as the one for Oudna and found in 1976, comprises an anticline structure separated into two main zones by a SW-NE sealing fault.
NPE's history dates back to 2007 where it set about to acquire and develop 60,000 net acres in Williams, McKenzie, Divide, and Dunn counties in the early stages of development and de-risking the western side of the Nesson Anticline.
From the Hatta road, the jebel is best approached by driving north along dirt tracks across the core of the eroded anticline towards the lowest point of the ridge (Fig.