anticipatory guidance

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1. a guide.
2. an act of guiding.
anticipatory guidance in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as the preparation of a patient for an anticipated development and/or situational crisis.
health system guidance in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as facilitating a patient's location and use of appropriate health services.

anticipatory guidance1

the psychological preparation of a person to help relieve the fear and anxiety of an event expected to be stressful. An example is the preparation of a child for surgery by explaining what will happen and what it will feel like and showing equipment or the area of the hospital where the child will be. It is also used to prepare parents for the normal growth and development of their child.

anticipatory guidance2

a nursing intervention from the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) defined as preparation of patient for an anticipated developmental and/or situational crisis. See also Nursing Interventions Classification.

anticipatory guidance

Guidance provided by an expert or knowledgeable group to those with a particular interest (e.g., parents), anticipating likely upcoming concerns.
Examples Parents of newborns—informing them about physical changes in their infant (e.g., teething); parents of adolescents—anticipating concerns due to alcohol and drug abuse.

anticipatory guidance

Information about normal expectations of an age group (or of a disease) to provide support for coping with problems before they arise. It is a component of many health care encounters, e.g., well-child checkups in infancy.
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General and pediatric dentists can use the current research to design policies specific for their pediatric population to strengthen their preventive program's nutritional counseling, parental anticipatory guidance and oral hygiene instruction.
In this investigation, integrating a behavioral health provider allowed caregivers to have more time with a health-care professional with expertise in behavioral concerns, which could be devoted to anticipatory guidance activities.
Programs such as the one described in this article could serve as a model for nurses to reach vulnerable groups in both urban and rural environments for the purpose of health promotion and anticipatory guidance.
This discussion will describe how the feedback from parents guided the selection of culturally appropriate books for clinic clients, the use of anticipatory guidance for parents based on daily activities, and the decision to implement a clinic library.
4) Therefore, all youth may need gender and sexuality anticipatory guidance and support from professionals during ages that correspond with early--rather than later--Tanner Stages.
It is central to communication, counseling, and anticipatory guidance.
He describes the four "Rs" of treating sports concussions and urges primary care personnel to offer anticipatory guidance to patients and their families.
Nurses' ability to provide parents with both anticipatory guidance and practical strategies to address challenges will strengthen the teaching role.
It also can direct conversations and anticipatory guidance at pediatric visits.
Participants completed a pre-test prior to the program, reviewing oral health knowledge and the anticipatory guidance and services they provide for young children.
Providing these preventive oral health care services in pediatricians' and family physicians' offices, along with anticipatory guidance, caregiver education, caries risk assessment and referrals, would encourage the development of proper oral health and eating habits within a family.