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(ăn′tĭ-kăn′sər, ăn′tī-) also


Effective in treating cancer: anticancer drugs.


(ant″i-kan′sĕr) [ anti- + cancer]
Pert. to any treatment to combat, prevent, or treat cancer, e.g., an anticancer protein or an anticancer drug.


n a medicine or substance used to treat cancer.
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Baccharis megapotamica, which is not sensitive to the toxin, slightly metabolizes the chemical, making it more phytotoxic and also, incidentally, anticancerous (Jarvis et al.
These fungal endophytes are isolated and used for the production of phytochemicals which possess anticancerous, antineoplastic, antidepressant and other medicinally important compounds such as taxol (33,34).
The anticancerous effects of Yun Zhi essence on human lung adenocarcinoma inoculated on nude mice.
In recent years, the pharmacological activity of this plant, including anticancerous (Zhan et al.