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(ăn′tĭ-kăn′sər, ăn′tī-) also


Effective in treating cancer: anticancer drugs.


(ant″i-kan′sĕr) [ anti- + cancer]
Pert. to any treatment to combat, prevent, or treat cancer, e.g., an anticancer protein or an anticancer drug.


n a medicine or substance used to treat cancer.
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Mitomycin C (MMC) is one of the most important and commonly-used anticancer drugs.
Under the terms of the agreement, Eisai acquires the right of first review concerning the results of the Phase I clinical trials for the novel anticancer agent APS001, which are scheduled to be conducted in the United States by Anaeropharma Science, and the right of first refusal concerning the licensing of the compound under development.
Also during that span, a continuous flow of anticancer NAS (New Active Substance) is expected to reach the market.
The companies also expect to enter into an OEM distribution agreement under which Caliper will market and sell certain mouse and cell lines developed by AntiCancer for use in fluorescent protein-based optical imaging experiments.
GPC Biotech AG is a biopharmaceutical company discovering and developing new anticancer drugs.
Louis School of Medicine, calls it "a novel transcriptional mechanism that may further enhance the use of rapamycin as an anticancer agent.
Of the 84 patients who were not given anticancer drugs such as mitomycin and 5-fluorouracil, five, or 6%, developed a new type of cancer more than five years after their surgery.
Roya Salehi Qrehvarn, one of the researchers, contrary to the present studies on the delivery of only one anticancer drug at one time, the new nanocarrier carries and releases two anticancer drugs with less amount of drug but more effectiveness.
GPC Biotech AG is a biotechnology company discovering and developing new anticancer drugs.
Although tamoxifen's anticancer effect levels out at 5 years, there's no question that the drug imparts a residual benefit even after long-term users stop taking it.