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(ăn′tĭ-kăn′sər, ăn′tī-) also


Effective in treating cancer: anticancer drugs.


(ant″i-kan′sĕr) [ anti- + cancer]
Pert. to any treatment to combat, prevent, or treat cancer, e.g., an anticancer protein or an anticancer drug.


n a medicine or substance used to treat cancer.
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Haskell is well known for his contributions in the field of clinical anticancer drug research, and will conduct the first Medco sponsored clinical trial of ATP in the treatment of cancer," said Archie Prestayko, Ph.
Previous research also indicated that tumor cells harboring mutations in both copies of their p53 genes could more readily escape anticancer therapies.
Indeed, another generation of designer "taxoids" may, in the end, give rise to a preferred anticancer drug.
However, he cautions that additional therapy is needed: Tumors do return, sometimes with the ability to resist the killing effects of the anticancer drug used.
Esperance is developing a unique, targeted, anticancer fusion protein that is selectively toxic to cancer cells.
Now, by adding a phosphate side group to a commonly used anticancer compound called etoposide, researchers have managed to get rid of all other chemical baggage.
ImmunoGen's resurfacing technology has been used in a number of antibody-based anticancer compounds created by the Company, including cantuzumab mertansine, huC242-DM4, AVE9633 and AVE1642.
These scientists agree that taxol represents only a crude beginning for this new class of anticancer drugs.
The acetogenins' mode of action differs from that of most anticancer drugs: Rather than killing a cell by scrambling its DNA, they starve the rapidly divinding cells of the ATP that fuels them.
3 billion in sales in 2005, have been the most successful class of biological anticancer agents.
Two physicians from the University of Miami have found that the protein, called epidermal growth factor (EGF), prevented balding among a group of six rats receiving high doses of cytosine arabinoside, a widely used anticancer drug also known as ARA-C.
AVE1642 is an anticancer compound that was developed by ImmunoGen and licensed to sanofi-aventis as part of a broader collaboration between the companies.