antibiotic spectrum

an·ti·bi·ot·ic spec·trum

(antē-bī-otik spektrŭm)
The range of microorganisms that an antibiotic agent inhibits or kills.
See: antibiotic, antimicrobial agent, dental plaque, biofilm
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[2,10-12] To avoid antibiotic prescription errors and their consequences, physicians should consider the following: clinical and physiological condition of the patient, presence of bacterial infection, antibiotic spectrum, route of administration, pharmacokinetic and side-effects, as well as sociodemographic characteristics.
Additional considerations when treating CDI include stopping unnecessary antibiotics, shortening the antibiotic course, narrowing the antibiotic spectrum, and stopping acid-suppressive medication when possible, especially proton pump inhibitors.
When asked whether antibiotic spectrum was a consideration when prescribing an antibiotic, participants indicated that it was generally not as important as choosing a drug known to successfully treat the infection.
Short-course drugs such as azithromycin and the cephalosporins aren't recommended because they are expensive and have an unnecessarily broad antibiotic spectrum, he said.
Another concern is that oral antibiotics are treated as a single uniform treatment despite major differences in antibiotic spectrum, GI absorption, and CNS penetration.
Inappropriate antibiotic use was evaluated in subtitles including unnecessary use, wider or narrower than necessary antibiotic spectrum, unnecessary use of multiple antibiotics, and inappropriate antibiotic dose (insufficient or too high).
The DRIP Score was designed to improve specificity (less false positive identification of patients who don't have antibiotic resistant bugs), without sacrificing sensitivity (false negatives lead to inadequate antibiotic spectrum).
In the present study, strategies of antibiotic de-escalation therapy included shifting from combined antibiotics to a single antibiotic, narrowing the antibiotic spectrum, or discontinuation of the antibiotics.

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