reverse curve

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re·verse curve

in dentistry, a curve of occlusion that is convex on the upward face.
Synonym(s): anti-Monson curve
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George S., U.S. dentist, 1869-1933.
anti-Monson curve - in dentistry, a curve of occlusion which is convex upward. Synonym(s): reverse curve
Monson curve - the curve of occlusion in which each cusp and incisal edge touches or conforms to a segment of the surface of a sphere 8 inches in diameter, with its center in the region of the glabella.
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re·verse curve

(rĕ-vĕrs kŭrv)
Denotes an occlusion, in which, when viewed in the sagittal plane, the mandibular cusp tips and incisal edges form a convex curve.
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