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Quanto a solicitacao de exames para os trabalhadores expostos, os que haviam realizado exame previo mostrando a presenca de anticorpo anti-HBs reagente procederam apenas com dosagens de anticorpos anti-imunodeficiencia humana (anti-HIV) e anti-hepatite C (anti-HCV) para pesquisa de contato com esses virus.
Blood tests were drawn for checking Anti-HBs titer of 101 vaccinated subjects including dental students, practicing dentists/ faculty and paramedics.
No statistically significant association was found between immunization coverage against hepatitis B and positivity for anti-HBs, probably because there was no synchronization between vaccination and anti-HBs testing, since assessing response to immunization in HIV-infected patients is not routinely done.
OBI infektivitesi tranfuzyon yapilan plazma hacmi ile anti-HBs ve alicinin immun yanit duzeyine bagli olup, bilindigi uzere serolojik markerler (belirtecler) acisindan salt anti-HBc'li HBV DNA pozitif donorler (%10-20) salt anti-HBs tasiyicilarina (<%5) oranla daha infektif kabul edilir (59).
In a multivariate analysis, there was no independent factor that was associated with the presence of immune memory defined as anti-HBs greater than or equal to 100 mIU/mL, wrote lead researcher Keswadee Lapphra, MD, and her associates (Ped Inf Dis J.
The HBsAg, anti-HBs, and anti-HBc prevalence of persons 1-29 years of age covered in the 1992 and 2006 serosurveys were reanalyzed to be consistent with the format of the 2014 serosurvey by 3 age groups (1-4 years, 5-14 years, and 15-19 years), as well as sex, ethnicity, location type (urban or rural), region, and year of birth.
HBsAg loss is designated as HBsAg from positive to negative, and anti-HBs is still negative; whereas, HBsAg seroconversion is designated as HBsAg from positive to negative, and the anti-HBs from negative to positive.
A total of 11 samples were reactive for anti-HBc only, 3 samples carried both anti-HBc and anti-HBs, yielding a total of 14 samples that were classified as OBI and one sample was reactive for anti-HBs only.
The study included 120 HCWs with anti-HBs titers <10 IU/L (Group 1, 10 males and 11 females, age range 24-57 years and mean [+ or -] standard deviation (SD) 37 [+ or -] 9.
In line with current practice at our renal unit, anti-HBs levels were not checked and no boosters were administered after transplant.