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The study of objective measurable physical variables in humans, which impacts on architecture, industrial design and ergonomics.


A measurement or description of the physical dimensions and properties of the body; typically, used on upper and lower limbs, neck, and trunk.
See also: ergonomics
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The variables in this study included anthropometric indices (body height and body mass), and following conditioning qualities: sprinting performance over 20 meters (S20M), vertical countermovement jump--CMJ, standing broad jump--SBJ, and medicine ball toss (MBT).
Anthropometric and demographic data for the 12 patients pre- and post-LTX are shown in Table 1.
Purpose: Analyze the anthropometric profile and dietary intake of athlete's wheelchair basketball over the metropolitan region of Sao Paulo.
23] found no correlation between balance (assessed using the functional reach test) and anthropometrics of weight, height, arm length, leg length, bi-acromial breadth, foot length, and trunk length.
We sought to identify additional independent variables from the related gynecological and anthropological literature because anthropometric measurements of the pelvis have been widely used to identify women at risk for complicated delivery or to identify human remains.
What the anthropometric assessment is concerned, the following were identified: weight, length, triceps skin fold (TSF), waist and hip circumference (WC and HC).
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Volunteer demographics and anthropometrics (mean [+ or -] SD): males, n = 89; females, n = 65.
Trend analysis based on repetitive BCM measurements (evaluating intraindividual variability) should be considered as an earlier marker of undernutrition in HD pts in which traditional anthropometrics, somatic proteins, and inflammation biomarkers showed a high variability.
Presurgical Cleft Lip Anthropometrics and Dental Arch Relationships in Patients with Complete Unilat- eral Cleft Lip and Palate.