anthropometric measurements

anthropometric measurements (anˈ·thrō·p·meˑ·trik meˑ·zhr·mnts), a set of noninvasive, quantitative techniques for determining an individual's body fat composition by measuring, recording, and analyzing specific dimensions of the body, such as height and weight; skin-fold thickness; and bodily circumference at the waist, hip, and chest.
Anthropometric measurements.
TestGenderNormal valuesValues showing malnutrition
Triceps skinfold (TSF)Male11–12.5 mm7.5–11 mm
Female15–16.5 mm10–15 mm
Mid upper arm circumference (MUAC)Male26–29 cm20–26 cm
Female26–28.5 cm20–26 cm
Arm muscle circumference (AMC)Male23–25 cm16–23 cm
Female20–23 cm14–20 cm
AMC = MUAC – 0.314 = TSF
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The anthropometric measurements, grip strength measurement, standing balance assessment, blood pressure and resting heart measurement and collection of blood samples must be conducted by trained nurses in the homes of study members.
Anthropometric measurements were taken and UIC and goiter were used to estimate iodine status.
Anthropometric measurements (height and weight) and micronutrient assessments (for iron, iodine and vitamin A) were used to determine nutritional status.
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To prove that dehydration does not lead to a loss of skeletal muscle mass in ultra-endurance performance, further studies with anthropometric measurements and markers of hydration status (haematological indices like haemoglobin and haematocrit, urinary indices like urine osmolality and urine specific gravity or bioelectrical impedance analysis) should be performed.
Anthropometric measurements, bone age, DEXA scan (Lunar prodigy 2000), fasting serum glucose, insulin, lipid profile, IGF I, IGF II, IGFBP3 and GHBP were performed.
The negative correlation between PYY concentrations and body weight, along with (a) the negative correlations between ghrelin and anthropometric measurements and (b) the positive correlation between PYY and ghrelin suggest a more complex role of these peptides than initially recognized.
Baseline data collection usually includes a medical history, standardized medical examination, dietary assessment, laboratory tests, and anthropometric measurements.
All anthropometric measurements rely on the skill of the person taking the measurement, and the relative accuracy of the technique as a measure of adiposity must be validated against a 'gold standard' technique.
In two cases missing prepregnancy body mass index (BMI; weight in kilograms/height in square centimeters) was predicted by regressing other maternal anthropometric measurements on prepregnancy BMI for the sample of 220 ([r.