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A reagent used in the detection of carbohydrates.
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To ascertain the presence of soluble sugar in the secretion, anthrone test was performed (McCready, Guggolz, Silviera, & Owens, 1950).
Briefly, extract was mixed with 80% hot ethanol, centrifuged and mixed with anthrone reagent.
WSC was determined using the anthrone method of Thomas [10] and N[H.
Water soluble carbohydrates (WSC) was analyzed by colorimetric after reaction with anthrone reagent (Arthur Thomas, 1977).
Two hundred uL anthrone reagent was added after cooled in the ice bath, 4 treatments each experiment and repeated 4 times, OD value was measured under the 630 nm wavelength.
Then, free glucose in the supernatant, resulting from acid hydrolysis, was quantified by the Anthrone method (Van Handel, 1965), using glucose as the standard.
25 mL of anthrone reagent were added and the tube contents were mixed on a vortex at 14,000 rpm.