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A reagent used in the detection of carbohydrates.
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The determination of glycogen in liver and muscle by use of anthrone reagent.
To investigate the basis for gametophyte survival, lipids and carbohydrates were quantified using the vanillin and anthrone assays.
The anti-inflammatory effect of Hp is attributed by Bezakova et al (1999) to its isolated constitutes anthrone, anthroquinone, emodin hypericin and pseudohypericin while its analgesic effect may be attributed to the presence of flavonoids, tannins and saponins (Sanchez-Mateo 2006, Bezakova 1999).
The application of the anthrone reagent to the estimation of starch in cereals.
1955, The determination of sugar in blood and spinal fluid with anthrone reagent.
Total sugar content was determined using the anthrone method of Yemm and Willis (1954).
They also noted that all anthraquinones do not have the same structure or effects, and that the specific compounds found in noni cannot undergo reduction reactions to form hepatotoxic anthrone radicals.
The soluble sugar, starch and hemicelluloses extracts obtained were individually reacted with anthrone reagent (0.