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Characterized by anthracosis.
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(an?thra-ko'sis) [ anthrac- + -osis]
A benign accumulation of carbon deposits in the lungs due to inhalation of smoke or coal dust. anthracotic (-kot'ik), adjective
See: black lung
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(20) Our findings also showed that 16.4% of anthracotic patients had tuberculosis.
Anthracofibrosis, bronchial stenosis with overlying anthracotic mucosa: possibly a new occupational lung disorder: a series of seven cases from one UK hospital.
(16) In his series of 908 patients, there were 28 cases with anthracofibrosis, only 6 cases with anthracosis, and 43 cases with endobronchial TB without anthracotic pigmentation.
The mean duration of traditional baking (in years) and weekly time spent (in days) was significantly higher among anthracotic cases.
The key features for a correct diagnosis are the presence of anthracotic pigment within macrophages and nuclear atypia within tumor cells.
Adequate, positive Choi et al, (46) 2016 Overview Procedure-related parameters and microscopic findings, number of punctures (>3 per node), length of core tissue (>2 cm), the gross appearance of aspirates (puslike or anthracotic), and microscopic findings Criteria Tissue core in EBUS needle [greater than or equal to]2 cm Or malignant cells Or microscopic anthracotic pigment Or lymphocyte density >40 per 10 high-power fields, at X40 magnification Assigned Objective algorithm categories proposed for clinicians Abbreviation: HPF, high-power field.
In this retrospective study, we evaluated the clinical implication of anthracotic pigmentation reported in EBUS-TBNA.
All of these anthracotic lymph nodes were confirmed as benign with mediastinoscopy or radiological follow-up.
In the present study, tuberculosis was also more prevalent in patients with complicated anthracosis than those with simple anthracotic change.
Some authors have applied terms such as; hut lung, charcoal disease, anthracotic inflammatory bronchial stenosis and antracobronchitis to distinguish this from other lung diseases caused by inhalation of other particles.
Bronchoscopy revealed a total obliteration of RML bronchial orifice, with severely inflamed mucosa and anthracotic pigmentation.
Bronchoscopy with biopsy showed near total occlusion of lateral segment of RML bronchus orifice due to elevated mucosa with anthracotic pigmentation.