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Characterized by anthracosis.


(an?thra-ko'sis) [ anthrac- + -osis]
A benign accumulation of carbon deposits in the lungs due to inhalation of smoke or coal dust. anthracotic (-kot'ik), adjective
See: black lung
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Anthracofibrosis, bronchial stenosis with overlying anthracotic mucosa: possibly a new occupational lung disorder: a series of seven cases from one UK hospital.
Spoligotyping of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in anthracotic bronchitis.
Gender distribution of patients in the anthracotic and non-anthracotic groups Male, Female, Total, p no.
The mean duration of traditional baking (in years) and weekly time spent (in days) was significantly higher among anthracotic cases.
Some authors have applied terms such as; hut lung, charcoal disease, anthracotic inflammatory bronchial stenosis and antracobronchitis to distinguish this from other lung diseases caused by inhalation of other particles.
It was not possible to specify bronchitis in anthracotic patients.
Bronchial anthrcofibrosis or anthracotic bronchitis.
Bronchoscopy revealed a total obliteration of RML bronchial orifice, with severely inflamed mucosa and anthracotic pigmentation.
Bronchoscopy with biopsy showed near total occlusion of lateral segment of RML bronchus orifice due to elevated mucosa with anthracotic pigmentation.
Bronchoscopy showed stenosis of the orifices of RML bronchus and anterior segment of right upper lobe bronchus by inflamed mucosa with anthracotic pigmentation.