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Characterized by anthracosis.


(an?thra-ko'sis) [ anthrac- + -osis]
A benign accumulation of carbon deposits in the lungs due to inhalation of smoke or coal dust. anthracotic (-kot'ik), adjective
See: black lung
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Anthracofibrosis, bronchial stenosis with overlying anthracotic mucosa: Possibly a new occupational lung disorder: A series of seven cases from one UK hospital.
Bronchoscopy with biopsy showed near total occlusion of lateral segment of RML bronchus orifice due to elevated mucosa with anthracotic pigmentation.
Bronchoscopy showed stenosis of the orifices of RML bronchus and anterior segment of right upper lobe bronchus by inflamed mucosa with anthracotic pigmentation.
The bronchial mucosa had extensive collections of anthracotic pigment-laden macrophages in the lamina propria underneath the basement membrane of the respiratory epithelium (Figure 2).