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Other than that, they differ in labellum and also anther crest of the flower (examination and observation have been made using USB digital microscope).
The ESTs used in this study were produced with 67 cDNA libraries prepared using inflorescences (spike at flowering or before flowering, anther, pistil, ovary, palea, and lemma), roots, stems, leaves (including seedlings and crown tissues), and seeds (matured or immature embryos) from normally grown seedlings or plants and represented 434,658 cloning events (Table S1).
Flower structure and floral events: Details of floral biology including the flower structure and floral events (flower opening, anther dehiscence, stigma receptivity and floral longevity) were studied with a 10x high resolution hand lens (IRL), a Leica WILD M3B Stereo-binocular microscope (Switzerland) and a Leica DMLB compound bright field light microscope (Germany).
In this study, we compared effects of different genotypes and cold pretreatment applied to buds for pepper microspore embryogenesis efficiency during anther culture.
Number of Pollen Grains per Anther and Handling Time of Bees with Flower Age.
The anther wall was usually comprised of five cell layers before maturation; i.e., single epidermis, endothecium, two middle layers, and the glandular tapetum.
Alternate techniques involve development of haploids using anther culture microspore culture and ovule culture.
Notably, there is not enough information about anther structure and male gametophyte developmental stages of Azalea alexander L..
Not to leave her home country out, she added that she is also preparing anther patriotic song for Tunisia composed by famous Lutfi Abu Shunaq titled "Tunisia Min Fadel Rabi Ali" (A Tunisian, A Gift From God).
He added, "The security forces cordoned off the scene and transported the wounded to Tikrit Teaching Hospital for treatment and the body of the soldier to the forensic medicine department, while anther security force began a campaign of raids and searches in the nearby areas in search of the perpetrators." / End