AP projection

(redirected from anteroposterior projection)

AP pro·jec·tion

the alternative frontal radiographic projection, used mainly in bedside or portable radiography.

AP pro·jec·tion

A radiographic study in which x-rays travel from anterior to posterior.
Synonym(s): anteroposterior projection.
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In 265 individuals with suspicion of cervical ribs, Anteroposterior projection of the cervical spine was performed to confirm the presence of cervical ribs.
Ideally, the patient should be imaged supine and upright and assessed in frontal, lateral, and oblique projections; however, the reality is that many of these patients are too large for any imaging other than in a standing anteroposterior projection.
Patient doses were 3 times higher with the conventional system for the anteroposterior projection and 4 times higher for the lateral projection, according to lead investigator Peter Smeets, M.
One of the projections often requested for postsurgical patients is the anteroposterior projection.
Sensitivity in detecting spinal osteoporosis with DXA is greater when using the lateral projection than the anteroposterior projection, and has similar reproducibility.
Plain-film imaging beyond lateral and anteroposterior projections may be useful in selected cases.

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