anterior vitrectomy

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an·te·ri·or vi·trec·to·my

removal of the central vitreous gel.
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Primary posterior capsulorhexis without anterior vitrectomy in pediatrics cataract surgery: longer term outcome.
In group 1 patients, triamcinolone-assisted anterior vitrectomy was performed after this procedure and the foldable IOL was placed in the bag between the cohesive viscoelasticfilled anterior and posterior capsule.
(15) performed extracapsular cataract extraction through a limbal-based scleral tunnel on 12 eyes, choosing to do posterior capsulotomy and anterior vitrectomy in 7 of the eyes because of the dense subcapsular plaque in the posterior capsule, while leaving the posterior capsule intact in the other 5 eyes.
Eyes of the younger children are not fully mature so the judgment of anatomical location of pars plana is not very precise11, pars plana approach for posterior capsulotomy and anterior vitrectomy can lead to surgical trauma and posterior segment complications such as hemorrhage, cystoids macular oedema, retinal tear and retinal detachment.
Vitreous prolapse was managed by anterior vitrectomy followed by in the sulcus IOL implantation in 3 (2.12%) of these cases.
Posterior capsulotomy and anterior vitrectomy were performed in 67 eyes.
A posterior capsular bag opening and an anterior vitrectomy were performed in 82.8% (24/29 eyes) and 65.5% (19/29 eyes), respectively, of these eyes.
Anterior vitrectomy was performed and intraocular lens was placed in the sulcus over the capsulorrhexis margin, and optic capture was done to ensure proper centration in all of these.
Trabeculectomy with anterior vitrectomy in aphakic and pseudophakic glaucoma.
Surgical interventions include conventional vitrectomy, anterior vitrectomy with posterior capsule breached, pars plana tube insertion with vitrectomy, anterior vitrectomy with iridectomyzonulectomy, and full vitrectomy with iridectomyzonulectomy (phacoemulsification if phakic) [8-10].
Principles in Brief: Avoid aggressive pursuit, clean anterior chamber of all cortical matter, perform anterior vitrectomy to avoid anterior vitreous prolapse into wound, place an IOL if possible.
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