anterior urethral valve

an·te·ri·or u·re·thral valve

a crescentic horizontal fold in the proximal part of the spongy urethra.
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Congenital diverticula may develop due to an anterior urethral valve or urethral duplication and can cause serious problems in the upper urinary tract starting from the intrauterine period similar to the posterior urethral valve (1,2).
This anomaly may be accompanied by various pathological conditions including hypospadias epispadias anterior urethral valve lacuna manga prostatic urethral polyps megalo-urethra syringocele (dilated Cowper gland) and congenital urethral fistula.5
Anterior urethral valve (AUV) is a rare but well-defined congenital anomaly.
Anterior urethral valves in the fossa navicularis in children.
Anterior urethral valves: a rare cause of infravesical obstruction in children.
An algorithm for the management of anterior urethral valves. J Urol 1997;158:1030-1032.
When anterior urethral pathologies are examined, congenital urethral polyp in the anterior urethra, fossa navicularis pathologies (stenosis, Guerin's sinus), anterior urethral valve, syringocele (dilatation of Cowper's gland ducts), congenital bulbous urethral stricture, condyloma accuminatum, and especially botryoid sarcoma polyps should be taken into the consideration in the differential diagnosis (5,6,7,8).

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