anterior urethra

an·te·ri·or u·re·thra

the portion of the urethra distal to the urogenital diaphragm (external sphincter).
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Longitudinal muscles of posterior urethral and anterior urethra repaired.
Strictures of the anterior urethra account for 92% of cases of urethral stricture.
A total of 45 male patients of all age group having anterior urethral stricture on retrograde urethrography were subjected to sonourethrography of anterior urethra.
The patient was assessed with cystourethroscopy which revealed the absence of posterior urethral valves and severe inflammation of the anterior urethra close to the verumontanum and the bladder neck.
The latter will generally involve the anterior urethra and drain to the penis or scrotum.
McAninch, "Long-term outcomes of penile skin graft versus buccal mucosal graft for substitution urethroplasty of the anterior urethra," Journal of Urology, vol.
After the impacted urethral stone was seen in the anterior urethra in ureteroscopy, urethrotomy was performed with a 3 cm vertical incision in the penile urethra.
1-4) In women, squamous cell carcinoma is the most common histologic subtype (approximately 75%) and is most common in the anterior urethra (distal third).
Frequently, the anterior urethra can be colonized and the catheterization can cause urethral and bladder infections.
For distal urethral involvement meatotomy or extended meatotomy is done, but at times whole anterior urethra is involved mandating some sort of reconstruction generally in the form of graft/flap or urethroplasty.
Ultrasonography of the anterior urethra known as Sonourethrography (SUG) offers a dynamic, three-dimensional study that can be repeated easily without ionizing radiation to the gonads.

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