anterior tibialis

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anterior ti·bi·al·is

A muscle with origin from the lateral surface of the tibia, the interosseous membrane, and the intermuscular septum, with insertion into the medial cuneiform bone and the base of the first metatarsal, with nerve supply from the deep peroneal nerve, and whose action causes the dorsiflexion and inversion of the foot.
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Ponseti reported that deformity recurrence is an expected part of the treatment course in patients with clubfoot and recommended treatment with recasting, revision tenotomy for recurrent equinus, and anterior tibialis tendon transfers for dynamic supination deformity.
Surgical repair of an anterior tibialis muscle hernia with Mersilene mesh.
described a case of a 57-year old male with ACS of the anterior aspect of the leg caused by intramuscular hemorrhage of the anterior tibialis muscle following a low energy, non-contact injury.
Ultrasound of the right ankle showed an abnormally thickened anterior tibialis tendon (ATT) at the level of the anterior aspect of the ankle (Figure 2).
Thus, the skin surfaces overlying the muscle bellies of the lateral gastrocnemius and anterior tibialis muscles of the dominant leg were shaved and cleansed with alcohol.
4%), as was the number of anterior tibialis transfers (51% vs.
Anterior tibialis, medial gastrocnemius, first dorsal interosseus, biceps, and lumbar paraspinal muscles disclosed 1+ to 2+ fibrillations at rest.
Anterior tibialis, posterior tibialis, or peroneal tendonitis.
Rambis suffered a laceration of the anterior tibialis muscle and needed sutures to repair the damage.
The effect of surgical floor mats in prolonged standing: An EMG study of the lumbar paraspinal and anterior tibialis muscles.
Often equino-varus deformity needs the combination of Achilles tendon lengthening, tibialis posterior lengthening and split anterior tibialis transfer procedures, sometimes in combination with lengthening of the toe flexors.

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