tibialis anterior (muscle)

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tib·i·a·lis an·te·ri·or (mus·cle)

medial muscle of anterior (dorsiflexor) compartment of leg; origin, upper two thirds of lateral surface of tibia, interosseous membrane, and overlying crural fascia; insertion, medial cuneiform and base of first metatarsal; action, dorsiflexion and inversion of foot; provides dynamic support of longitudinal and transverse arches of foot; nerve supply, deep peroneal.
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Electrobiological activity of the medial head of calf muscle and anterior tibial muscle was measured at rest and upon both dorsal and plantar flexion of the foot with registration of nerve conduction velocity in the tibial and the peroneal nerves.
Adequacy coefficient (AC) was derived from division of calf muscle medial head EBA upon dorsal foot flexion by anterior tibial muscle medial head EBA upon plantar foot flexion.
Pre-treatment spastic tonicity can be seen both in the calf muscle and the anterior tibial muscle.
The anterior tibial muscles are dissected stripped from the tibia up to the proximal 1/3 of tibial taking care not to injure the anterior tibial vessels which pass along the anterior compartment.

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