anterior thalamic radiation

an·te·ri·or tha·lam·ic ra·di·a·tion

radiation formed by fibers interconnecting, via the anterior limb of the internal capsule, the anterior and medial thalamic nuclei and the cerebral cortex of the frontal lobe (excluding the precentral gyrus bordering on the central sulcus).
Synonym(s): radiatio thalami anterior [TA]
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White matter alterations were observed within bilateral anterior thalamic radiation and superior longitudinal fasciculus that intersects with subinsular white matter.
2), increased MD in bilateral superior longitudinal fasciculus with left predominance and bilateral anterior thalamic radiation (cluster in left hemisphere: t=5.81, P < 0.001; cluster in right hemisphere: t=5.03, P = 0.006; Fig.
In this study, we found that patients diagnosed with schizophrenia had increased AD, MD, and RD values corresponding to left and right superior longitudinal fasciculus and anterior thalamic radiation. By combining VBM and DTI techniques, we showed the correspondence of altered white matter tracts to subinsular white matter bilaterally.
In addition to this, a meta-analysis which combined findings from 15 DTI studies reported two main regions in schizophrenia patients: left frontal and temporal white matter including anterior thalamic radiation (33).
[39] found decreased FA in the left longitudinal fasciculus, as well as in the left superior longitudinal fasciculus, the left anterior thalamic radiation, the body and splenium of the corpus callosum, and the right prefrontal cortex of tinnitus patients compared to controls.
Negative Correlations between MD and Tinnitus Loudness Ratings in Left Anterior Thalamic Radiation and Anterior/Superior Corona Radiata.
Lastly, our finding of positive correlations between tinnitus loudness ratings and DTI measures in the vmPFC ROIs (Figure 4), the anterior thalamic radiation, and the anterior and superior corona radiata (Figure 2(c)) and the fact that these effects were stronger in the left than in the right hemisphere fits well with the left-dominant FA increases in frontal and thalamic white matter recently reported by Benson et al.
MD, RD, and AD indices, when differing between the two groups, were higher in older adults, and this concerned the bilateral anterior thalamic radiation (ATR) and the bilateral superior longitudinal fasciculi (SLF--only the left one for AD).
Blindness duration ROI MNI coordinates r P value L_OR -24, -80,1 0.14 -0.041 R_OR 30, 72, 4 -0.25 -0.10 Genu of CC 6,13, 22 -0.47 0.086 ATR 16,17, -3 -0.41 0.21 aIFOF 28, 33, 8 -0.042 -0.041 pSLF 20, -41, 39 -0.051 0.20 Age of onset Chronological age ROI r P value r P value L_OR 0.86 0.56 0.11 0.64 R_OR 0.67 0.27 -0.32 0.16 Genu of CC 0.71 0.031 -0.42 0.057 ATR 0.37 0.070 -0.28 0.22 aIFOF 0.86 0.86 -0.068 0.77 pSLF 0.93 0.83 -0.039 0.87 aIFOF: anterior inferior frontal occipital fasciculus; ATR: anterior thalamic radiation; CC: corpus callosum; FA: fractional anisotropy; OR: optic radiation; pSLF: posterior superior longitudinal fasciculus; and r: correlation coefficient.
Compared with the SC group, the CB group showed significantly lower FA in the ORs bilaterally (P < 0.05, FWE corrected) (Figure 1(a)), whereas the LB group showed significantly lower FA in the bilateral ORs, corpus callosum, anterior thalamic radiations, and frontal and parietal white matter regions (P < 0.05, FWE corrected) (Figure 1(b)).
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