anterior talofibular ligament

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an·te·ri·or ta·lo·fib·u·lar lig·a·ment

the band of fibers that extends from the lateral malleolus to the neck of the talus.

anterior talofibular ligament

A ligament of the ankle that passes from the anterior margin of the lateral (fibular) malleolus, anteriorly and medially, to the talus bone, in front of its lateral articular facet. It is a lateral ankle ligament that prevents the foot from sliding forward in relation to the shin.
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Anatomical variations of the anterior talofibular ligament of the human ankle.
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A comprehensive examination of the ankle and foot is required to exclude other pathology, such as a lesion of the anterior talofibular ligament.
A redesigned inner ATF[R] Strap covers larger area over the Anterior Talofibular Ligament (the ligament most likely to be sprained or strained) for increased lateral support.

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