anterior surface

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an·te·ri·or sur·face

the surface of a structure or part of the body that faces forward. TA recognizes an anterior surface (facies anterior ...) of the following structures: heart (... cordis [TA]); cornea (... corneae [TA]); body of maxilla (... corporis maxillae [TA]); lens (... lentis [TA]); eyelids (... palpebrae [TA]); petrous part of temporal bone (... pars petrosi ossis temporalis [TA]); kidney (... renis [TA]); iris (... iridis [TA]); patella (... patellae [TA]); prostate (... prostatae [TA]); radius (... radii [TA]); suprarenal gland (... glandulae suprarenalis [TA]); ulna (... ulnae [TA]); and uterus (... uteri [TA]).
Synonym(s): facies anterior [TA]
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The European Society of Hypertension Practice Guidelines for home blood pressure monitoring recommend that the cuff should be wrapped around the upper arm with its inflatable bladder centered on the arm anterior surface (most cuffs have an indication of proper placement) with the lower edge of the cuff approximately 2 - 3cm above the bend of the elbow [3].
The anterior surface of the cornea is the most important refractive component of the eye, and high-order corneal aberrations are seen significantly more in keratoconic corneas than in normal corneas.
Anterior surface scoring was performed with multiple needle forceps following an anterior incision and new antihelical fold was created with 4/0 prolene mattress sutures that were placed in previously marked parallel lines.
Anatomical study of the foramina on the lingual anterior surface of the human mandible (author's transl).
Roof of intercondylar notch is inclined at 40 degrees to long axis of femur, so that when the knee is in full extension roof is near anterior surface of ACL.
His legs were nonedematous and normal in color and temperature, but there was symmetric, mild tenderness to palpation between the tibial tubercle and the ankle on the anterior surface without point tenderness.
An otherwise healthy 12 year-old girl was referred to the pediatric dermatology clinic due to multiple asymptomatic black pits over the anterior surface of her right forearm, which were present since birth and spread gradually in the last 2 years (Figure 1).
Grasp the distal end of the tibia with your other hand; palm over its anterior surface near the tibio talar joint care must be taken to avoid the anterior tibial artery.
Two conjunctival incisions were closed over the prolapsed gland by simple continuous suture pattern using 4-0 vicryl with knot on anterior surface of third eye lid to prevent irritation to cornea (Fig.
4 Torr) for 5 min, then dropped the 5 ml MPC aqueous solution on IOL surface and air plasma again, thus making the MPC-modification silicone IOL, which possesses a hydrophilic anterior surface and a hydrophobic posterior surface.
Nutcracker fracture of the cuboid is a type of compression fracture that happens when severe abduction of the forefoot causes the cuboid to be caught between the base of the fourth and fifth metatarsals and the anterior surface of the calcaneus [3].
So the anterior surface of your body includes your face, the chest, stomach, lower abdomen and the front of the thighs.

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