anterior staphyloma

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protrusion of the sclera or cornea, usually lined with uveal tissue, due to inflammation.
anterior staphyloma staphyloma in the anterior part of the eye.
corneal staphyloma
1. bulging of the cornea with adherent uveal tissue.
2. one formed by protrusion of the iris through a corneal wound.
posterior staphyloma (staphyloma posti´cum) backward bulging of sclera at the posterior pole of the eye.
scleral staphyloma protrusion of the contents of the eyeball where the sclera has become thinned.

an·te·ri·or staph·y·lo·ma

a bulging near the anterior pole of the eyeball.
Synonym(s): corneal staphyloma

an·te·ri·or staph·y·lo·ma

(an-tēr'ē-ŏr staf'i-lō'mă)
A bulging near the anterior pole of the eye.
Synonym(s): corneal staphyloma.
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