anterior segment

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an·te·ri·or seg·'ment

a delimited part or section of an organ or other structure that lies in front of or ventral to the other similar parts or sections. See: anterior (bronchopulmonary) segment [S III] [S III], anterior basal (bronchopulmonary) segment [S VIII] [S VIII], anterior inferior renal segment, anterior superior renal segment, anterior segment of eyeball.
Synonym(s): segmentum anterius [TA]

anterior segment

The segment of the eyeball (globe) formed by invasion of neural crest cells into the space between the surface ectoderm and the lens vesicle, which develops into corneal epithelium and lens vesicle. The anterior segment is susceptible to lacerations, swelling, trauma and foreign bodies. 

Sclera, conjunctiva.

anterior segment

1. In ophthalmology, the ciliary body, cornea, iris and lens of the eye.
2. In dentistry, the canine and incisor teeth.
See also: segment

an·te·ri·or seg·ment

(an-tērē-ŏr segmĕnt) [TA]
Delimited part or section of an organ or other structure that lies in front of or ventral to similar parts or sections.
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By looking through patient's personal files we found interesting details from previous anterior segment imaging sessions, taken a few months before the current evaluation.
In our study, 20% cases had IOFB in the anterior segment while in 80% in posterior segment of their eyes which is similar to reported by Greven and Jan et al7,26.
Out of total 27 anterior segment lesions, more than half (59.
This article discusses clinical presentation divided into external eye (orbital and adnexal) disease, anterior segment, posterior segment and neuro-ophthalmic manifestations.
Restoring full mouth with twin stage procedure has its own advantage as the basic concept involved in the new procedure reproduce the occlusal morphology of the posterior teeth without the anterior segment and produce the cusp angle coincidence with standard values of effective cusp angle.
18 The study concluded that pan-retinal photocoagulation reduces the incidence of neo-vascular glaucoma due to anterior segment neovascularization or incidence of vitreous bleed due to neovascularization elsewhere or neovascularization on the disc.
She completed her ophthalmology residency and fellowship training in cornea, anterior segment and refractive surgery in the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of California at Irvine (UCI).
Worms of this species proved incapable of anterior segment regeneration.
Anterior segment OCT and phakic intraocular lenses: A perspective.
Toxic anterior segment syndrome (TASS), an acute, noninfectious inflammation of the anterior segment of the eye, is a complication of anterior segment eye surgery; cataract extraction is the most common form of this type of surgery.
All underwent a full slit-lamp anterior segment examination as well as dilated fundi examination with slit-lamp biomicroscopy.
Anterior segment defects can be divided into two basic groups from a clinical standpoint--anterior and posterior cystoceles, Dr.

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