anterior presentation

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anterior presentation

Vertex presentation, see there.


lie; the relationship of the long axis of the fetus to that of the dam. In foals and ruminants the normal presentation of a fetus during parturition is with the forelimbs extended forward so that the hooves are presented first, followed by the head between the forearms, followed by the trunk, abdomen and lastly the hindlimbs extended backward, i.e. anterior presentation.
In piglets the usual presentation is the nose first followed by the shoulders with the forelimbs beside the trunk, followed by the hindlimbs extended backward. The nose of puppies and kittens is presented first with the front paws forward under the neck and chin.

anterior presentation
presentation of the front feet and limbs followed by the fetal head in labor.
breech presentation
presentation of the fetal buttocks and tail in labor.
funic presentation
presentation of the umbilical cord in labor.
poll presentation
the fetus is presented with the forelimbs retained and the neck flexed so that the poll is presented in the cervix.
posterior presentation
the hindfeet are presented followed by the hindlimbs and hindquarters and tail; a normal variation in dogs and pigs.
transverse presentation
at birth the fetus is presented at the pelvic inlet with its long axis running across the long axis of the pelvic canal in the dorsotransverse position. It is the back of the fetus that can be palpated. There are no fetal parts with which to effect a correction.
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Transverse presentation in a mare. By permission from Parkinson TJ, England GCW, Arthur GH, Arthur's Veterinary Reproduction and Obstetrics, Saunders, 2001
ventral head presentation
the fetus presents with the head and neck flexed beneath the body. Called also neck flexion.
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