anterior part

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an·te·ri·or part

the portion of a structure that lies most forward, or closest to the front surface, relative to other parts; in human anatomy, the ventral portion of a structure. see anterior part of: anterior commissure of brain; quadrangular lobule of cerebellum; central lobule of cerebellum; culmen; lateral parabranchial nucleus; diaphragmatic surface of liver; tongue; fornix of vagina.
Synonym(s): pars anterior [TA]

an·te·ri·or part

(an-tērē-ŏr pahrt) [TA]
Portion of a structure that lies most forward, or closest to the front surface, relative to other parts; in human anatomy, the ventral portion of a structure.
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At least anterior part of lateral margin of paranota with small spinules; usually entire lateral margins of paranota and basal part of costal margin of hemelytra with fringe of small spinules Corythucha Stal
The multiple experimental setups yielded varied results on the position of the T rotational axis; yet their summary identified the most likely place of the rotational axis as the posterior border of the vertebral endplates and the anterior part of the spinal canal.
ULABG 1577 with dark grayish-green throat, marbled; venter yellowish-green; thighs, ventrally, yellowish-green on anterior part, orange on posterior; shanks greenish below; inguinal band pale green; copperish iris; canthal band, ochre; dirty white little dots on dorsum.
The most notable change is seen in the structure of the anterior part of the carapace, eye-stalks and antennae.
1): left-eyed; small mouth reaching to the anterior part of the eye; teeth only on the blind side; narrow interorbital ridge between eyes with a small sharp spine facing posteriorly; dorsal fin beginning slightly on blind side of head behind posterior nostril; pectoral fins relatively short; pelvic fins short, asymmetrical with the left having longer base and on ventral midline about two rays anterior to the right fin on blind side; rounded caudal fin; high arch in lateral line over the pectoral fin and a short anterior bifurcating branch; no lateral line on the blind side.
The anterior part of the snout is covered with a large flat pair of internasals and a pair of prefrontals (the latter may be interpreted as canthals).
They measured higher amounts of retinoic acid in the posterior portion of the wing, where digits normally develop, than in the anterior part.
Anabasis, founded in 1999 by a group of Italian scientists who were among the first to study the use of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) - research which won Rita Levi-Montalcini the Nobel Prize - has advanced an ophthalmic formulation of NGF to preclinical and clinical stages for various diseases affecting both the anterior part of the eye, such as neurotrophic keratitis (NK) and dry eye, as well as the posterior part of the eye such as retinitis pigmentosa and glaucoma.
Shell slightly attenuated posteriorly, pegma in the anterior part of the shell is long and thin, placed high in the anterior part of the shell.
fifth and sixth abdominal segments with very large lanceolate and finely ciliated spines on anterior part, setae m1-4 basally swollen, other setae normal; 5 am setae present; female subanal appendages swollen and spinelike (fig.
takacsi Kontschan 4 One pair of large and one pair of small strongly sclerotized areas situated on anterior part of dorsal shield, genital shield of female covered by oval pits T.

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