anterior parietal artery

an·te·ri·or pa·ri·e·tal ar·ter·y

one of the terminal branches of the insular part of the middle cerebral artery, distributed to the anterior part of the parietal lobe.
Synonym(s): arteria parietalis anterior [TA]
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an·te·ri·or pa·ri·e·tal ar·te·ry

(an-tērē-ŏr pă-rīĕ-tăl ahrtĕr-ē) [TA]
One of terminal branches of insular part of middle cerebral artery, distributed to anterior part of parietal lobe.
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observed patients with strokes involving the territory of the right anterior parietal artery concentrating on the left side of their bodies, relentlessly rubbing, touching, pinching, pressing, lifting, and manipulating parts of the left arm, trunk, and leg with their contralateral hand or foot.
Bogousslavsky, "Neurogenic pain and abnormal movements contralateral to an anterior parietal artery stroke," JAMA Neurology, vol.
* Anterior Parietal Artery (APA): This artery usually originates from the anterior or middle MCA trunk.

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