anterior mediastinum

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an·te·ri·or me·di·as·ti·num

the narrow nearly potential space between the pericardium posteriorly and the sternum anteriorly that contains the thymus or its remnants, some lymph nodes, and the vessels and branches of the internal thoracic artery.
Synonym(s): mediastinum anterius [TA]

anterior mediastinum

a caudal portion of the mediastinum in the middle of the thorax, bounded ventrally by the body of the sternum and parts of the fourth through the seventh ribs and dorsally by the parietal pericardium, extending downward as far as the diaphragm. Compare middle mediastinum, posterior mediastinum, superior mediastinum.
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14) When the thymus extends into the lower neck or retrocaval region, its texture should be identical to that of the normal thymus located in the anterior mediastinum.
In the unsuccessful cases, the glands were located in the lower part of the anterior mediastinum, below the innominate vein, and could not be retrieved through a transcervical thymectomy because the glands were not inside the thymus or because of leakage of the thymic tissue during the procedure.
Interquartile ranges of perfusion parameters for subtypes of anterior mediastinum lesions BF BV PS Thymic hyperplasia 33.
This mass was found in the anterior mediastinum and the result of frozen section was in favor of adenoma.
In adults 65% of lesions arise in anterior mediastinum, 10% in middle mediastinum and 25% in posterior mediastinum.
Subsequent contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CECT) of the chest revealed homogenous enlargement in the anterior mediastinum, and the thymoma was highly suspected accordingly.
Because, they had epicenter or major component in anterior mediastinum.
1 Thymomas and germ cell tumours are most common lesions in anterior mediastinum while lymphomas, mediastinal cysts, and neurogenic neoplasms are the most common primary middle and posterior mediastinal tumours.
The chest CTA was negative for pulmonary emboli but incidentally demonstrated a homogenous 5 cm mass in the anterior mediastinum (Figures 1 and 2).

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