anterior border

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an·te·ri·or bor·der

the ventral or most forward margin of a structure.

an·te·ri·or bor·der

(an-tērē-ŏr bōrdĕr) [TA]
Ventral or most forward margin of a structure.
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3C, D), although damaged in places, is the most informative specimen and has a distinctive rod-like crenulated anterior margin.
Other morphological traits such as the presence of the sinus, scalloping along the anterior margin and the prevalence of the intrasinus (maxillary) septa were observed as well.
Labrum about 2 times wider than long, anterior margin with a small notch and a lobe covering notch, evident only in macerated specimens.
Ovipositor (Figure 10) elongate, protrusible, about 11 times length of seventh tergite (ovipositor measured from anterior margin of 8th tergite to end); cerci fused, elongate-ovoid, about 2.
B, 3D CT of left shoulder showing anterior margin of glenoid.
In this skull, median or third occipital condyle is seen along the anterior margin of foramen magnum.
Pronotum slightly widening from anterior to posterior margin; anterior margin subtruncate, very slightly concave in middle, posterior margin broadly rounded; disc flat with a faint medial carina in posterior area, lateral margins straight and subangular (Fig.
NAP has strong expansion in the anterior margin and mild expansion is seen in the posterior margins.
1B), the levator mandibulae muscles shift so that they originate close to the anterior margin of the eye.

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