anterior border

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an·te·ri·or bor·der

the ventral or most forward margin of a structure.
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an·te·ri·or bor·der

(an-tērē-ŏr bōrdĕr) [TA]
Ventral or most forward margin of a structure.
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Rostrum directed somewhat downward, weakly trilobate; median lobe broadly triangular with rounded apex, barely visible in dorsal view; anterior margin with row of short setae.
10, 14); venation of forewing: Rs1 and Rs2 forked at 1/4 of the base; Rs3 and Rs4 forked at anterior margin of distal corner of discal cell (Figs.
It is a member of the Megalurothrips genus-group with the following characters in common: Antennae 8-segmented, ocellar setae pair I present, median metanotal setae at anterior margin, metanotal spinula absent, abdominal tergite VIII with posteromarginal comb usually interrupted, sternal discal setae absent (Mound and Palmer, 1981).
Thorax brownish red; pronotum brown, hexagonal, with a median carina strongly marked; pronotum with anterior margin straight, lateral-anterior margins straight, lateral posterior margin slightly sinuous, posterior margin grooved; scutellum brownish with slight central concavity, tegmina castaneous, apical plexus of veins developed; hindwings hyaline with brownish venation, vein Cu1 not thickened at base; legs brownish red; metathoracic tibia with two lateral spines (basal spine equal in size to spines in apical crown; apical spine larger than spines in apical crown); apical crown of spines on tibia consisting of two rows; basitarsus with three rows of spines covered by long setae; subungueal process present and triangular.
Metasoma: Ventral surface, segments I-IV with 3 stripes, 2 VL which are narrow anteriorly and become wider posteriorly, and 1 VSM sub-triangular spot with its anterior angle in the anterior margin of the segment and the posterior angles connecting with the posterior third of the VL stripes; segment V ventrally with 2 VL wide stripes, and a thin VM stripe.
1A, B): foramen ovale (FO); foramen lacerum (FL); anterior tip of the occipital condyle (OC); medial external margin of the carotid canal (CC); medial margin of the jugular fossa(JF); medial external margin of the hypoglossal canal (HC); and anterior margin of the foramen magnum (FM).
We made the dissection by beginning at the anterior aspect of the shoulder along the anterior margin of the lateral one-third of the clavicle and extended around the acromion laterally and along the lateral half of the spine of the scapula posteriorly and along the anterior margin of the deltoid muscle to a point two-thirds the distance between its origin and insertion.
Body length was measured from the anterior margin of the frons to the elytra apices, and width is measured across the elytral humeri.
3C, D), although damaged in places, is the most informative specimen and has a distinctive rod-like crenulated anterior margin. The mesial margin runs from the preorbital angle to the postorbital angle and is hollowed dorsally by the lateropremesial depression.
str.) brevisternus by more dispersed punctures in the propygidium, lack of smooth area along the anterior margin, and marginal mesoventrite striae not strongly curved towards the prosternum.

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