anterior border

(redirected from anterior margin)

an·te·ri·or bor·der

the ventral or most forward margin of a structure.

an·te·ri·or bor·der

(an-tērē-ŏr bōrdĕr) [TA]
Ventral or most forward margin of a structure.
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Ribs tubular, separated by narrow interspaces, varying from 3 to 5 per 1 mm along the anterior margin; 20-22 ribs at the umbonal area and 45-65 ribs along the anterior margin of mature individuals.
Supra anal plate medium brown on anterior portion and distal projections, and yellowish brown on center; anterior margin concave on median part, lateral ones constricted on median portion and very extended distal projections (Fig.
Mesonotum: Extensively pruinose with following apruinose areas: postpronotal lobes, large lateral area anterior to transverse suture, large posterolateral area postsuture extending to postalar lobe, broad medial band (sometimes showing signs of two coalesced stripes) almost reaching anterior margin and falling far short of posterior margin.
Nasal barbel distal tip not reaching anterior margin of orbit, maxillary barbel posterior margin with thin fringing skin flap, tip sharply pointed and extending beyond origin of pectoral fin.
1A, B) black with four grayish black stripes, the median two long and apically expanded, reaching to the anterior margin but not attaining posterior margin, the lateral two short, slightly longer than half of the median stripes.
It manifests as a skin-colored nodule arising on or near the tragus (1) along an imaginary line drawn from the tragus to the angle of the mouth or (2) along the anterior margin of the sternocleidomastoid muscle.
The results from the chi-square test indicate that predators more frequently attacked the anterior margin ([chi square] = 25.
Cheek with 4-6 rows of large scales, modally 6; opercle with vertical row of 5-6 scales on anterior margin and several scales posteriorly; predorsal scales extending anteriorly to a position approximately one orbit diameter posterior to eye; interorbital region naked.
caudatus in having anteriorly arising, basally contiguous, distally divergent epigynal teeth, distinct anterior margin of atrium, and broad spermathecae, but can be distinguished by relatively short epigynal teeth that extend less than halfway to epigastric furrow and spermathecae that extend parallel anteriorly (Figs.
Canals close to the articulamentum layer curve upward around the layer and run longitudinally parallel to the dorsal surface before curving to the dorsal surface or extending to the anterior margin.
In the setting of anterior disc displacement, the authors have seen dynamic imaging findings of visualization of reduction of disc material and of bulging of the anterior margin of the anterior band (Figure 14), even in cases where routine static imaging is normal.
In extension, the gap between the anterior margin of the odontoid peg and the posterior margin of the anterior arch of C1 measures 1 mm.

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