anterior longitudinal ligament

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an·te·ri·or lon·gi·tu·di·nal lig·a·ment

the wide fibrous band interconnecting the anterolateral surfaces of the vertebral bodies, blending with the outer lamellae of the intervertebral discs as it passes between vertebrae.
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anterior longitudinal ligament

The thick wide connective tissue band running along the front of the entire vertebral column. The anterior longitudinal ligament attaches to the front and sides of the bodies of the vertebrae and the intervertebral disks.
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Bilateral facet dislocation involves the posterior ligamentous complex, the anterior longitudinal ligament as well as the annulus fibrosus (see Case study 2).
Since the intervertebral disk space and anterior longitudinal ligament are relatively intact, this is considered a stable injury.
The stability and strength of these vertebrae is achieved by the long anterior longitudinal ligament in front of the vertebrae and the long posterior longitudinal ligament behind (Stolov & Clowers, 1981).
Caption: Figure 1: ((a) and (b)) Primary CT with contrasted dislocation of the artery in the fracture gap; (c) sagittal MRI arrows point to a small hematoma under the anterior longitudinal ligament.
For the anterior approach, the anterior longitudinal ligament, vertebral body, disc, posterior longitudinal ligament are adequately visualized.

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