anterior hip dislocation

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anterior hip dislocation

A dislocation of the hip through the obturator foramen, on the pubis, in the perineum, or through a fractured acetabulum.


Pain, tenderness, and immobility accompany the dislocation. Shortening is present in the pubic and suprapubic forms, lengthening in the obturator and perineal forms.


Hyperextension and direct traction are used to treat this condition, followed by flexion, abduction with inward rotations, and adduction.

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A sign that should be searched and might be for diagnosis in an anterior hip dislocation is the palpation of the femoral head in the midinguinal region as well as a less prominent greater trochanter [6].
[12] reported three cases; one of them was an 18-year-old man involved in a motor vehicle accident with an anterior hip dislocation with ipsilateral femoral shaft fracture.

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