anterior fontanelle

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an·te·ri·or fon·ta·nelle

a diamond-shaped membranous interval at the junction of the coronal, sagittal, and metopic sutures where the frontal angles of the parietal bones meet the two ununited halves of the frontal bone.

an·te·ri·or fon·ta·nelle

(an-tēr'ē-ŏr fon'tă-nel') [TA]
Membrane-covered gap in the infant cranium where the parietal and frontal bones will meet after fusion occurs.
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A 5-year-old male child, second in birth order, born to nonconsanguineous couple, out of normal vaginal delivery presented to us with the complaints of open anterior fontanelle and short stature.
Estimates of genetic variance for anterior fontanelle development in NCPP twin population.
Congenital inclusion cysts of the anterior fontanelle.
The anterior fontanelle is inferior and anterior to the uncinate process and fuses with the medial wall of the maxillary sinus.
Neuromuscular: Normocephalic, anterior fontanelle soft.
Clinical features of rickets include failure to thrive and short stature, frontal bossing, delayed closure of the anterior fontanelle, delayed dentition, bowing of weight-bearing bones, and hypotonia.
The physical findings that were studied include apnea, anterior fontanelle, pallor, jaundice, bleeding manifestation like purpura, petechiae, gastrointestinal bleed, rectal bleed, umbilical stump bleed, blood stained froth from the mouth.
All cases were underwent proper history, general and neurological examination and then it was follow by radiological evaluation which included plain skull skigram (Lateral view and posterior-anterior view) and sonography of brain through anterior fontanelle in both coronal and sagittal planes (Used equipment 400 pro series, GE mode).
Significant physical examination findings include flattening of right parietal occipital region with slight forward (anterior) canting of the right ear and slight bulge of right forehead with an open anterior fontanelle and no palpable lambdoidal ridging.
Radiograph of skull AP/lateral view was taken and revealed: Hypertelorism macrocephaly and widened anterior fontanelle.
INTRODUCTION: The metopic suture is a vertical suture running between the two halves of frontal bone from the anterior aspect of anterior fontanelle to nasion.
On examination child was alert, active feeding well, no any neurological deficit anterior fontanelle was level.

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