anterior facial height

an·te·ri·or fa·cial height (AFH),

in cephalometrics, the linear measurement from the nasion to the menton.
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an·te·ri·or fa·cial height

(AFH) (an-tērē-ŏr fāshăl hīt)
In cephalometrics, linear measurement from nasion to menton.
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The lateral cephalometric analysis (Figure 3(b) and Table 1) indicated a skeletal Class III jaw relationship (Wits appraisal of -3.5 mm) with bialveolar dental protrusion and increased lower anterior facial height. The maxillary and mandibular incisors were proclined resulting in decreased interincisal angle.
Postoperative orthodontics consisted of intercuspidation and adjustment of the COS, since an intentional open bite in the bicuspid area was left during surgery to allow increase of the anterior facial height. The patient finished orthodontic treatment after 12 months.
The mean of lower anterior facial height (ANS-Me) and FH to mandible plane angle (MP-FH) were 68.9+-4.8mm and 25.0Adeg +-4.6Adeg respectively.
However, these changes, particularly in the TB group, were smaller than the previously reported and could be related to the concomitant increase in the lower anterior facial height, lower incisor proclination, and posterior displacement of point B [14].
Surgical treatment involves maxillary impaction with or without mandibular ramus osteotomy to decrease the lower anterior facial height (5).
Anterior facial height is increased suggesting a dolichofacial growth type with weak muscular system.
the characteristics of short-statured children (average age 5.1) without GHD were small submaxillary, short basis cranii length, normal anterior facial height and increased lower anterior facial height.
In addition the anterior facial height increased by 1.1 mm and the mandibular plane angle was increased by 2.5 degree.

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