anterior curvature

an·te·ri·or cur·va·ture

curvature in which a more distal or caudad part is deviated anteriorly with respect to the coronal anatomic plane.
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The inlay is 2mm in diameter and 30 [micro]m thick and is placed under a 150 [micro]m femtosecond laser-generated flap to manipulate the anterior curvature of the cornea.
Designed for extremely challenging airways, the X blade[TM] extends the blade range and clinical application of the McGrath MAC video laryngoscope beyond routine and moderately difficult airways towards extreme airways, where a more acute anterior curvature and slimmer blade profile is needed.
The blade is made of medical grade plastic and is 18 mm wide with a 60 degree anterior curvature.
the conspicuous anterior curvature of the transverse piece of the epigynum.
It is simply designed to gently reshape the anterior curvature of the cornea providing for a more natural restoration of near and intermediate vision.
This is a unilateral technique to access the fifth lumbar vertebral body at its anterior-most point, so that injected drug spreads equally bilaterally along the anterior curvature of the fifth lumbar vertebral body.

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