anterior curvature

an·te·ri·or cur·va·ture

curvature in which a more distal or caudad part is deviated anteriorly with respect to the coronal anatomic plane.
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They defined ScKC as the fellow eye of KC and found that corneal thickness distribution indices and posterior elevation are more helpful than anterior curvature data in identifying eyes with ScKC.
Compression of the anterior lamellae derives from the pushing effect of the apex and from the high rigidity of the most anterior part of the stroma that tends to maintain the anterior curvature and shape [20-24].
The inlay is 2mm in diameter and 30 [micro]m thick and is placed under a 150 [micro]m femtosecond laser-generated flap to manipulate the anterior curvature of the cornea.
MBT appliance system is based on four parts of dental arch that is anterior curvature, intercuspid width, posterior curvature and intermolar width.
This is a unilateral technique to access the fifth lumbar vertebral body at its anterior-most point, so that injected drug spreads equally bilaterally along the anterior curvature of the fifth lumbar vertebral body.
Having examined most of the type material, I here support Roewer's (1955) combination Varacosa apothetica by showing that the species bears a prominent synapomorphy of Varacosa; i.e., the conspicuous anterior curvature of the transverse piece of the epigynum.
The Galilei uses the Placido disc to provide more accurate anterior curvature topographic data in addition to the data obtained from Scheimpflug cameras.

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