anterior cross-bite

an·te·ri·or cross-bite

(an-tērē-ŏr krawsbīt)
An abnormal relationship wherein the maxillary and mandibular anterior teeth occlude with the opposing teeth in an opposite relationship with the opposing (i.e., antagonistic) teeth.
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Intraoral examination revealed Angle Class III molar relationship, anterior cross-bite and moderate crowding in both arches.
(24) However, the present study demonstrated that the OSA patients were commonly associated with anterior cross-bite. An appreciable difference in distribution of cross-bite was observed among the patients with differing OSA severity but was not statistically significant.
In the present case, triangular mouth, fissured tongue, macroglossia, gingival hyperplasia and anterior cross-bite were observed.
For the correction of anterior cross-bite and the normalization of the molar relationship, Lin and Gu [24] suggested the extraction of the second molar as the best option, as long as the patient had the third molar.
The evaluated malocclusions assessed were posterior cross bite, anterior cross-bite, anterior open bite, overbite and overjet; angle classification also being evaluated.
Overjet was measured as the greatest distance between the incisal edges of the maxillary and mandibular primary incisors in the occlusal plane using a millimeter gauge and recorded as ideal, if a positive overjet was less than or equal to 2 mm; increased, if it was greater than 2 mm; and reversed, if there was anterior cross-bite and edge-to-edge relationship was also assessed [9].
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