anterior component

anterior component,

n a description of the position of one side of a vertebra after it has rotated. In left rotation of the spine, the anterior component is the right side and vice-versa.
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Transversus abdominis muscle release is a novel approach to posterior component separation technique for the repair of complex abdominal hernias as well as the repair of recurrent hernias after use of the anterior component separation technique.
60 Other factors affecting lower anterior crowding include; physiological mesial drift, anterior component of force of occlusion, mesial vectors of musculature contraction, and amount and direction of late mandibular growth.
In addition, the Floor Reaction has a solid anterior component to firmly support a crouching patient in weight bearing.
A drill was used to remove a portion of this bone, which allowed us to enter the pterygoid bone and expose the anterior component of the meningoencephalocele.
Posterior and open anterior components separations: a comparative analysis.

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