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occurring before childbirth, with reference to the mother. Spelled also ante partum. Called also antepartal and prepartal.
antepartum/postpartum before or after childbirth; in the problem classification scheme of the omaha system this is defined as a client problem in the physiologic domain.
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For patients experiencing minimal change disease, the antepartal visits should be frequent, occurring biweekly until 32 weeks gestation then every week until delivery.
Five major categories of concerns related to pregnancy and childbearing were identified: (a) antepartal concerns about the pregnancy itself, including the decision to become pregnant, (b) the effect of MS on future childbearing plans, (c) labor and delivery concerns, (d) concerns and issues related to breastfeeding, and (e) concerns about the baby's well-being and child care.
Topics covered include the anatomy, physiology, and conditions of the female reproductive system; the childbearing cycle; the antepartal period; labor and delivery; the postpartum period; the newborn; and high-risk infants.