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Anterior margin of second segment of antennular peduncle forming broadly and evenly rounded lobe over outer basal part of scaphocerite (modified from Wasmer, 1986).
The rostrum is arched over the orbits, and reaches to or slightly beyond the end of the antennular peduncle, and it is rather narrow.
Acumen terminating in upturned corneous spine and reaching just distal of midpoint of antennular peduncle.
In terms of the pattern described by Grygier and Ohtsuka (1995) for female monstrilloid antennular armature, element 1 is present on the first segment; elements 2[d.sub.1], 2[d.sub.2], 2[v.sub.1], 2[v.sub.2], 2[v.sub.3], and IId on the second segment, with first four listed spiniform elements particularly long and well-developed (Fig.
Antennular chemosensitivity in the spiny lobster, Panulirus argus: amino acids as feeding stimuli.
The antennular statocyst that appears during larval stage VII of the giant river prawn has an array of sensory structures that enable the perception of chemical and tactile stimuli beginning with its early life stages.
Impairment of chemosensory antennular flicking response in the Dungenes crab, Cancer magister, by petroleum hydrocarbons.
Females 0.8-1 mm, easily recognised by the curved elongate rostrum, the tip about two antennular lengths from the antennule itself (Figure 4a, b) and ocellus of similar size as eye.
notialis: short rostrum, straight distally, and the proximodorsal margin convex, usually extending anteriorly to the end of distal antennular segment, sometimes reaching to proximal one-fourth of broadened portion of lateral antennular flagellum, with RL/CL <0.75; and 2) F.