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Since 1947, longer than virtually any active antenna manufacturer, Antenna Products Corporation designs and manufactures world class antennas and antenna systems for aviation, military, defense, government, transportation and wireless industry segments.
Oftentimes, the coxial cable's shield serves as the ground plane of coax-fed monopoles like whip antennas. Large monopole antenna installations will likely have quarter-wavelength radials, mounted perpendicular to the antenna.
The influence of metallic environments on an HF RFID antenna can be found in [10-13] where are reported the main aspects for resonant frequency shifting and the reading distance attenuation.
3 (a) shows the current distributions for type 1 antenna. It is observed that the surface current at port 1 is not highly concentrated when port 2 is excited.
Users may hold the mobile in varying methods, and the degree of the hand impact depends on the antenna (size, design, near-field distribution and location) and the grip (position of the finger w.r.t.
Results of the Two-Element MIMO Antenna. The S-parameters of the two-element MIMO antenna with or without the watchstrap are measured using an N9019A EXA Signal Analyzer (Agilent).
Mobile Mark designs and manufactures site, mobile and device antennas.
At the same sizes of radiating patch (parameters P) and height of substrate (parameter H), another three antenna prototypes are implemented for comparing with the proposed antenna: antenna with vertical ground and square-ring patch (antenna 1), antenna without vertical ground and with square-ring patch (antenna 2), and conventional corner truncated square patch antenna [5] (antenna 3).
c) Antenna efficiency: It is a ratio of total power radiated by an antenna to the input power of an antenna.