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In the direction of normal movement, as in blood flow or peristalsis.
[ante- + L. gradior, to walk]
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adjective Moving or extending forward.
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In the direction of normal movement, as in blood flow or peristalsis.
[ante- + L. gradior, to walk]
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In the direction of normal movement.
[ante- + L. gradior, to walk]
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Access to the femoral artery in 14 patients (78%) was on the ipsilateral antegrade puncture and in 4 patients (22%) with contralateral retrograde puncture.
They also stated that in patients not undergoing cannulation (21% of all patients), antegrade perfusion did not always provide complete return, and amputation was needed even after reperfusion.
Antegrade percutaneous technique: Technical advances have led to the abandonment of this method except for patients with diversion, solitary kidney, or anatomic obstacles (strictures, adhesions).
Retrograde blood flow from branching veins central to the PIVC tip could hypothetically provide adequate blood for continuous aspiration in supplementing any antegrade flow around the PIVC.
The key to success in the present case was (1) a simultaneous retrograde and antegrade approach with through-and-through guidewire, securing measuring the right length of the stricture and visually securing stent placement with the upper cone in the bladder and the lower cone above the sphincter and (2) minimal dilation for firm attachment of the stent during thermo-expansion.
In our case, we performed cholecystoduodenal stenting to enable durable, antegrade gallbladder drainage into the duodenum.
However, there are some cases in which antegrade intramedullary nail insertion will be difficult.
ALCAPA was first described in 1933 and has been reported in about 1/300,000 live births.[3],[4] It is usually well tolerated at birth due to the elevated pressure in newborn pulmonary arteries, which provides an antegrade perfusion of myocardium through the left coronary artery.
Because of the lack of guidelines and the presence of many options in the management and treatment of coronary embolism due to prosthetic valve thrombosis, the decision must be made on individual basis taking into account the size of thrombus, vessel involved, presence of antegrade flow, percentage of myocardium at risk, patient hemodynamics, bleeding risk scores, and the resource available at the institution.
Hemodialysis staff members indicate they were taught to place the venous needle in the antegrade direction.
In our case, multiple bridge collaterals supplied the coronary artery with antegrade TIMI 3 flow without evidence of coronary ischemia.
The normal hepatic vein wave form has three components: an antegrade S-wave, an antegrade D-wave, and a retrograde A-wave.