To bend anteriorly (forward) or cause to bend anteriorly.
[ante- + L. flecto, pp. flexus, to bend]
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Cervix was painful on palpation and motion, uterus anteflexed, small, right adnexa unsuspecting, tender left adnexa.
Technique to displace bowel loops in MRI-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound ablation of fibroids in the anteverted or anteflexed uterus.
Types of uterine incarceration include incarceration of an anteflexed gravid uterus and incarceration of a retroflexed uterus with or without sacculation [8].
Transvaginal ultrasound performed in the emergency department revealed an anteverted, anteflexed gravid uterus with single live intrauterine pregnancy (Figures 1 and 2).
Patients were placed in the lateral position with their heads anteflexed. The seventh cervical vertebra was marked as an orientation landmark and the area was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
After exteriorizing the foramen magnum with the neck anteflexed with the operator's first finger and thumb, the foramen magnum was punctured with the needle-like thermoformed MICROCAPS (64 mm length, 0.9017 mm O.D., 0.62992 mm I.D.; Drummond Scientific Co., Broomall, PA, USA); CSF was collected using capillarity.
The position of the uterus was anteverted (cervix angles forward) anteflexed (body is flexed forward) with endometrial thickness of 8 millimeters.
The designated volunteer was required to lie on her right side and maintain maximum anteflexed, neutral, and maximum retroflexed positions for the duration of the acquisition time (TA) for each posture with a solenoid receiving coil put on her back [34] (Fig.
Risk factors include the time of insertion, (after the last delivery, abortion, lactation, early postpartum period), undiagnosed pregnant uterus, congenital uterine and cervical anomalies, acutely anteflexed or retroflexed uterus and former uterine operations.
The probe may be advanced or withdrawn within the oesophagus, rotated to the patient's left or right, and anteflexed or retroflexed by the large control wheel.