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1. Resembling or characteristic of a goose.
2. present in muscle and the brain. Synonym(s): N-methylcarnosine
[L. anserinus, fr. anser, goose]


/an·ser·ine/ (an´ser-īn) pertaining to or like a goose.


see anseriform.

anseriform, anserine

said of birds; refers to ducks, geese, swans, members of the order Anseriformes.
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The pes anserine tendons were intimately related to this complex fluid collection, seen as echogenic bands coursing through the more relatively hypoechoic fluid.
The epicenter was deep to the traversing pes anserine tendons and superficial to the MCL and tibia in the expected location of the pes anserine bursa.
The patient was treated with an oral corticosteroid, prednisone (10 mg daily), for both his acute gouty pes anserine bursitis and polymyositis.
There are three bursae medial to the knee: the pes anserine bursa, the MCL bursa, and the semimembranosus MCL bursa.
Effect of supplementary blood meal on the content of carnosine and anserine in broiler meat (In publication in J.
An evaluation of a method to differentiate the species of origin of meats on the basis of the contents of anserine, balenine and carnosine in skeletal muscle.
Potentilla anserine (34%) and Carex qinghaiensis (66%) were detected in the yak diet composition in autumn pasture (Figure 2).
Potentilla anserine, Heteropappus bowerri, Saussurea semifasciata.
Other causes of failure in UKA include degeneration of the uninvolved compartments, pes anserine bursitis, and infection.
2005) indicated that high contents of free amino acids, low molecular weight peptides and dipeptides such as carnosine, anserine and taurine were found in chicken essence, which contributed to its antioxidative activity.
Specifically, a significant increase was found in di-peptide such as carnosine and anserine, which suggested that heating treatment influenced the increase of peptide content in meat more than aging.
Antioxidant activities of carnosine, anserine, some free amino acids and their combination.