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anseriform, anserine

said of birds; refers to ducks, geese, swans, members of the order Anseriformes.
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Relatively few wild avian species, rather than anseriform species as a whole, may have contributed to most of the spread of HPAI (H5N1) within Eurasia.
A phylogenetic analysis of recent anseriform genera using morphological characters Auk 103:737-754.
For fox scats, we used information in Lockie (1959), Goszczynski (1974), and Reynolds and Aebischer (1991) to provide the following multiplicative factors to convert total mass of undigested remains by species (mammals) or order (birds) to biomass of prey eaten: voles (23), ground squirrels (45), large mammals such as caribou and grizzly bear (100), passeriform and charadriiform ("small") birds (45), anseriform and galliform ("large") birds (61), and eggshell (9.
Body condition, ovarian hierarchies, and their relation to egg formation in anseriform and galliform species.