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A drug, process, or event that leads to anorexia.
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A drug (e.g., so-called diet pills), process, or event that leads to anorexia.
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A drug that suppresses appetite.
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Lorcaserin (Belviq) is an anorexiant. Because weight loss in pregnancy usually offers no benefit to a pregnant woman, the manufacturer classifies the drug as contraindicated in pregnancy.
Given the known problems with other anorexiant drugs (eg, fenfluramine and dexfenfluramine) and the expense of sibutramine, clinicians should demand evidence of true clinical benefit and long-term safety before routinely prescribing sibutramine for treating obesity.
Phenylpropanolamine as a anorexiant agent in weight control: a review of published and unpublished studies.
These results show that the Zucker obese phenotype is characterized by VMN resistance to 5-HT, which may contribute to neurobiological mechanisms of increased meal size and food intake and may diminish anti-obesity effects of serotonergic anorexiants.
By the 1960s, amphetamines were available only by prescription but were widely used as recreational drugs; millions of amphetamine-containing prescriptions such as anorexiants were written in the mid-1960s (Ling et al.
Emergency Room Visits for Non-medical Use of Selected Pharmaceuticals (2005) Estimated ER Visits * 598,542 Psychotherapeutic Agents 275,430 * Antidepressants 61,023 * Antipsychotics 37,327 * Sedatives and hypnotics 204,711 * Stimulants 10,616 Central Nervous System Agents 305,973 * Analgesics 264,857 * Anorexiants 1,239 * Anticonvulsants 26,688 * Muscle relaxants 31,757 Respiratory Agents 26,694 * Antihistamines 5,869 * Decongestants 1,287 Cardiovascular Agents 30,246 * Numbers may not add because ER visits frequently involve multiple drugs.