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Without name; a term formerly applied to the large vessels in the thorax (now called the brachiocephalic trunk and vein) and the hip bone.
Synonym(s): anonyma
[L. innominatus, fr. in- neg. + nomen (nomin-), name]
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An obsolete adjective from late Latin for innominata (nameless), formerly used for the innominate artery and veins (now known as the brachiocephalic trunk (truncus brachiocephalicus) and veins (venae brachiocephalicae), respectively).
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Without name; a term formerly applied to the large vessels in the thorax (now called the brachiocephalic trunk and vein) and the hip bone.
Synonym(s): innominate.
[G. an- priv. + onyma, name]
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On its re-emergence in 2003, Anonyma was read by some as a revisionist testimony of the sufferings of German civilians during the Second World War, akin to Jorg Friedrich's book on Allied air raids, The Fire, which portrayed that ordeal from a civilian perspective.
Although they are without attribution, moreover, they are preserved as a group within a section devoted to songs arranged by author, unlike the unattributed songs of P, which are dispersed among other anonyma. P, on the other hand, has the standard melodies, that is, those of KNX.
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Bermudan Division 2 went to the converted International 5.5 Metre class yacht Ballerina, skippered by David Lister, winning from Lahara, a 33-footer Muir sloop, and Anonyma II, Tony Curtis' 36-footer.
Quintessence is a "transtemporal" work, told in two voices: one, Mary Daly's, from 1998; and the second belonging to a woman living in 2048 who writes under the name of "Anonyma." These voices are interwoven throughout the book, with each chapter in Daly's voice being followed by a section of "cosmic comments and conversations with the author" reported in the voice of Anonyma ("Annie" for short).
During this "Tremendous Transition," in 2018, the members of the Anonyma Network (a group of five thousand "Foresighted" women -- Kate, Annie's mother, and her "Cronies") "Dis-covered" the Lost and Found Continent.
Relatively little attention has been paid to the other, later manuscripts and printed musical sources in the same archive, even though the publication of a catalogue of these sources in 1961 made it clear that this is a collection of considerable size and importance.(1) The scope for profitable musicological work in Tarazona is further increased through the survival of highly detailed 16th-century inventories of the cathedral's musical books.(2) These inventories document the shifting influences of various foreign repertories, and may assist in the identification of anonyma.
On Wednesday August 19, Anne Lister and Mary McLoughlin will appear as part of a reunion of Anonyma for one night only, with their traditional songs from Britain and Ireland and music from contemporary artists.
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