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The period between two estrus (heat) cycles.
Synonym(s): anoestrus.
[G. a- priv. + oistros, a gadfly, mad desire (estrus)]
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Rats tend to be active at the acceptance stage (prooestrus and oestrus), and their oestrous behaviours abate or disappear at the nonacceptance stage (postoestrus and anoestrus).
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Delaying suckling for 8h after milking and restricting nursing to 30min/day does not reduce postpartum anoestrus, but improves calf growth and increases total milk yield in cows.
A female's reproductive status was scored as: (1) anoestrus (vulva small, no longitudinal opening) or oestrus (or postoestrus, vulva partly or strongly swollen with longitudinal opening) early in the breeding season; and (2) lactating (nipples large, milk excretion can be stimulated) or not lactating (nipples small or invisible) later on.
The most common pathological effects of ZEN include hyperestrogenism, reduced fertility, abortion, and anoestrus, as well as higher rates of embryonic and fetal death [7].
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While some animals did not show normal ovarian activity (anestrus), others show development and growth waves of follicles that are not ovulated, generating different types of anoestrus (2, 3).