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Of, pertaining to, or emanating from an anode.
Synonym(s): anodic


(an'od?) [ ana-, + Gr. hodos, way]
1. The positive pole of an electrical source.
2. In radiography, the target of the x-ray tube.
See: cathodeanodal (a-nod'al), adjective
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Isoelectric focusing shows hemoglobin Austin migrating as a fast variant band anodal to hemoglobin A.
For example, discriminating an anodal head and cathodal tail stimulus may enable a predatory elasmobranch to direct its attack to the more vulnerable head of its prey.
Segregation of polymorphic loci was examined I the back cross progenies and was found to be consistent with a simple Mendelian inheritance in all the cases, except for 3 anodal peroxidases.
The enzyme loci in different tissues tested are numbered consecutively from the most cathodal to the most anodal and alleles are designated alphabatically.
We numbered isozymes sequentially starting with the most anodal as 1, and we designated alleles alphabetically, beginning with the most anodal as a.
The rebranding applies to the following products: Sanduvor[R] becomes Hostavin[R]; Sandostab[R] becomes Hostanox[R]; Sandoplast[R] becomes Solvaperm[R]; Sandospers(e)[R] (for the printing industry) becomes Flexonyl[R]; Sandospers(e)[R] (for the coating industry) becomes Hostatint[R]; and Sandocolor[R] becomes Anodal Color[R].
The rebranding applies to the following products: Sanduvar light stabilizer will be renamed Hostavin; Sandostab stabilizer/antioxidant will be renamed Hostanox; Sandoplast polymer soluble dyes will be renamed Solvaperm; Sandosperse pigment preparations for the printing industry will be renamed Flexonyl; and Sandocolor aluminum finishing will be renamed Anodal Color.
The 3-enzyme systems, which were studied in all groups formed bands both in the anodal (+ pole) and catodal (-pole) regions (Figure.
But the monarchy's clout among the ethnic groups has been changed by parliamentary parties in the post-1990 jan anodal period--if not in the form of zero-sum-game--and recently by the Maoist party in hostile way.