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Of, pertaining to, or emanating from an anode.
Synonym(s): anodic


(an'od?) [ ana-, + Gr. hodos, way]
1. The positive pole of an electrical source.
2. In radiography, the target of the x-ray tube.
See: cathodeanodal (a-nod'al), adjective
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67) Gabriella Anodal places the images of progression in historical perspective and attempts to correlate them; she finds that when carefully examined these correlations are not always consistent ("Le immagini del linguaggio cateriniano e le loro fonti: La scala," Rassegna di ascetica e mistica [1972] 332-43).
The effect of cathodal and anodal electrical stimulation (IDC) on the biomechanical properties of pressure sore in guinea pig.
In one of the experimental groups, the polarity of the treatment electrode was anodal throughout the 3-week healing period.
So, the use of negative polarity in the anodal groups (E1 and E3) after day 3 appears to have caused greater collagen synthesis.
Abnormalities in the electropherogram that cause confusion are most frequently located in the anodal part of the [gamma]-globulin fraction.
3+] ions bound (more anodal position) was observed for the three [Fe.
The proteinaceous nature of these plasma substitutes produces both absorbance in the ultraviolet range and protein dye-binding, thus giving interference in CZE as well as in AGE (but to a much lesser extent, and even more anodal, including interference in the [[alpha].
1A, physiologic serum samples analyzed without removal of Hp (lane b) gave a faint luminescent band in a more anodal position than pure Hb (lane a).
6) showed an abnormal Hb band anodal to HbA, whereas under acidic conditions (malate agarose gels using malate buffers at pH 6.
The most frequently observed abnormalities in immunofixation-negative samples are slight changes in the morphology of the anodal part of the _-globulin fraction.
In the present report, we describe that the sulfamide sulfamethoxazole produces a small peak at the anodal site of the albumin fraction.