Reconstruction of the ring (or annulus) of a cardiac valve.
[L. anulus, ring, + G. plastos, formed]
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Surgical reconstruction of an incompetent cardiac valve.
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, annuloplasty (an'yŭ-lō-plas-tē)
Reconstruction of the ring (or anulus) of an incompetent cardiac valve.
[L. anulus, ring, + G. plastos, formed]
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This section of the report also provides market attractiveness analysis by region and market share analysis by key players, thereby presenting a thorough analysis of the overall competitive scenario in the global structural heart devices market Based on product, the global structural heart devices market has been segmented into tissue heart valves, transcatheter heart valves, mechanical heart valves, occluders & delivery systems, annuloplasty rings, and other devices.
Mitralign is a developer of an investigational transcatheter annuloplasty system designed to treat functional mitral and tricuspid regurgitation.
Presently, MID is conducting the STTAR clinical trial studying its MIA, minimally invasive annuloplasty, tricuspid repair technology in Europe.
Recent reports reveal that the surgical option of mitral valve repair has a better outcome in dogs, using the mitral chordal replacement, with mitral annuloplasty (33, 45, 46), valvuloplasty (47) or resection of the prolapsed segment (8).
Two techniques to decrease the degree of MR percutaneously currently are available: (i) Mitral-clip, and (ii) transcoronary venous mitral annuloplasty using the Carillon[R] Mitral Contour System[R].
To restore normal valvular anatomy with several combined techniques, it is so-called 'French repair.' On the contrary, another way to repair mitral valve with the intent of restoring normal valve function is called 'American correction.' Its principle is 'respect, not resect,' as repair involves placement of artificial chordae, minimal to no leaflet resection, and flexible annuloplasty. These differing methods of mitral valve repair reflect an evolution in principles, but both approaches require complete understanding of the valve anatomic pathology and correction of leaflet prolapse and annular dilatation.
Silicon Valley, CA, September 08, 2018 --( Mitre Medical has been invited to introduce the Mitral Touch epicardial annuloplasty system that enables a beating heart option for the surgical treatment of mitral regurgitation during the 9 September Innovator's Day poster session, as part of the PCR London Valves meeting, to be held 9-11 September in London, UK.
"Annuloplasty also may be performed, and involves implanting an artificial ring into the valve to reinforce it."
Mitral valve repair was performed with a 36-mm flexible ring annuloplasty and the left atrium appendage was closed by continuous running suture.