annual reports

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annual reports, the statistical, fiscal, and descriptive yearly reports used to inform a constituency of the status of the institution or organization.
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After 12 years of spotlighting annual reports on these pages, it's clear the good ones contain certain essentials.
The Corporate Annual Reports of JSC TATNEFT are published in a common format maintaining the continuity of the report content structure and execution standards that increase the Company's activities transparency and enable to compare the performance indexes and to analyze the dynamics of its development.
All the Middle Eastern annual reports that won at the ARC Awards were produced by Smart Media - The Annual Report Company who won a total of 48 awards including 19 Golds and 4 Grands on behalf of their clients from different parts of the world.
Ithmaar Bank's 2010 annual report ranked high on both the top 50 annual reports in the EMEA region, and the top 100 annual reports worldwide," said Dr Kannangara.
Only listing "Yes" and "No" answers in the Annual Report when exploring the most controversial issues in today's international economic and financial debate is not what the central banking and financial world traditionally expects from the BIS flagship publication in times of global disorientation.
It must be an annual report that, like West Central, rejects the "standard" idea of basic letter-and-financials, cut-and-paste corporate content of traditional publications.
2004-40 has new language stating that facts are material "with regard to annual reports"--presumably referring to facts reflected in annual reports--"if, for example, knowledge of the facts would have resulted in (a) a materially different allocation of income, deductions, or credits than reported in the annual report or (b) the failure to meet a critical assumption" (64) This suggests that a material misrepresentation of fact in an annual report may trigger cancellation of the APA.
finds that -- while more annual reports are being delivered and consumed online than ever before -- companies are doing a poor job publishing online.
Coming clean -- the overarching theme for next year's annual reports, now in planning stages -- may be a significant departure for some CEOs, who've preferred to gloss over bad news.
Cook County (IL) Juvenile Court and Juvenile Detention Home, Annual Reports for 1915, 10; Cook County (IL) Juvenile Court and Juvenile Detention Home, Annual Reports for the Fiscal Year 1917 (Chicago, 1918), 7; Helen R.
PUBLIC COMPANIES INCREASINGLY INCLUDE management reports on internal controls in their annual reports even though no regulators require them.

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