annual reports

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annual reports, the statistical, fiscal, and descriptive yearly reports used to inform a constituency of the status of the institution or organization.
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With so much at stake, it is not surprising that the winning annual reports represent the efforts of the best and the brightest in the design community.
After 12 years of spotlighting annual reports on these pages, it's clear the good ones contain certain essentials.
To understand how the Annual Report Journey will unify their processes, public company representatives are invited to upload their 2014 annual report.
If this trend accelerates, it will eventually be impossible to tell where the online annual report ends and the rest of the IR web site begins.
Even major corporations that spend six months and upwards of a half million dollars to produce a glossy, eight-color annual report tend to rely on "anecdotal feedback" to gauge the success of their efforts.
No, not annual reports on-line (which abound), but reports that warrant a decided "E" for effort, having some, but not all, of the stuff that makes the highest grade.
com) has reproduced the cover of its printed annual report on the financial portion of its Web site.
We're currently working on the sixth annual report for PacSun, and I feel another long list of awards is in our future.
It found that annual report graph design and construction often are poor.
GE, an early purveyor of the editorial approach, researches how people read annual reports and responds with a themed report dubbing themselves a systems company and devoting two pages to a chart on dividends - the most influential financial factor influencing investors at the time.
This makes the annual report more readable for investors not interested in in-depth financial statement footnotes," she said.

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